Dragons Are a Girl's Best Friend


Why did the dragon cross the road? To eat the stupid human, probably.

Welcome to post-revolution Las Vegas. Now a haven for gambling, debauchery, and supernaturals.

Of course, it's the idiot humans with new magics of their own that cause the most trouble. That's where I come in.

My job as a rookie cop in the Rapid Response unit is to deal with the ongoing teething problems of the magic revolution. Teething problems which often involve actual fangs, among other things. But as one of the idiot humans myself, and saddled with an oddball magic that's frequently more hazard than help, that's easier said than done.

Oh, and the ill-tempered dragon? She's my police partner. (Ditto on the more hazard than help thing.)

So when some jackass comes up with the bright idea to take the entire city hostage? Yeah, I'm in way over my head. But my adoptive family is right in the crosshairs, and I didn't become a cop to sit on my hands while others suffer.

You'd better wish me luck.

Warning: This urban fantasy series contains danger, mayhem, humor, and heart, with characters you'll fall for—including a vampire with an unbeating heart of gold, a book-hoarding dragon who eats criminals for breakfast, a mysterious supernatural who's as hot as the desert he slunk out of, and a human heroine who'll fight to save them all.

Fans of Kim Harrison, Annette Marie, Ilona Andrews, K.F. Breene, Hailey Edwards, or Patricia Briggs, dive into this thrilling new world for a feel-good, action-packed adventure with a dash of slow burn romance.


All is Faerie in Love and War


Coming November 15th 2021


Vampires will be vampires


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